Biozym: AquaPro

Excellent probiotic for biosecurity and disease resistance. Improve gastrointestinal health and support immunity.


AquaPro is a probiotic formulation designed to maintain a healthy environment by systematically digesting the bottom organic sludge in aquaculture pond using the natural and highly beneficial microorganisms. They are selected for their ability to biodegrade complex organic wastes and remove toxic contaminants from pondwater during intensive aquaculture farming. The artificial feeding has created accumulation of excess feeds, animal wastes, and other organic matter. Therefore, probiotic treatment is necessary to sustain the healthy environment reducing the toxic compounds like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and hydrogen sulphide.

AquaPro regulates or enhances the microbial environment, allows the establishment of healthy gastro-intestinal microflora, reduces digestive upsets, improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) and increases weight increments through biological availability of feeds. In addition, this formulation offers biosecurity through limiting the activity of harmful bacteria, maintains healthy and balanced gut flora, improves resistance to stress and disease and lowers mortality rate. Natural treatment to promote sustainable shrimp farming.

  • Removes organic bottom sludge
  • Reduces excess Nitrate & Phosphate levels
  • Eliminates Odors & Toxins
  • Limits the activity of harmful bacteria
  • Improve beneficial phytoplankton growth, dissolved oxygen levels, biosecurity and ecological balance of the pond system
  • Appearance: Tanish, white colored free flowing powder
  • Odor: Typical fermentation odor, pleasant
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing date
  • Packaging Options: Bulk powder in 40lbs Pails or 1lb Foil Packets
Product of BioZ Technologies LLC

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