Biozym: Mineral Boost

Natural phosphate binder removes excess of phosphate ( PO4 ) from pond water and prevent algae bloom.

Mineral Boost

Mineral Boost-Phosphate Binder provides over 75 trace minerals that help promote overall shrimp health, enhance immunity and speed up growth. Direct use of this product alleviates alkalinity depletion which is common at the end of grow-out cycle in intensive farming with high shrimp biomass.

Mineral Boost is a natural replacement for aluminum sulfate (ALUM). It is a non-chemical alternative to remove phosphate from shrimp ponds. Removal of phosphate from pond water and soil will prevent algae bloom. Mineral Boost adds to the buffering capacity of pond water and makes water less hazardous in the presence of chemicals. It is suitable to use in all seasons.

  • Derived from a natural source, feed adjunct
  • Provide over 75 trace minerals, replaces mineral pack
  • Bind and reduce problem-causing phosphate & prevent algae bloom
  • Settle suspended solids (flocculation)
  • Act as a buffer to maintain alkalinity and pH
  • Effective in both fresh water and salt water
  • Appearance: Greenish, tan colored free flowing powder
  • Odor: Mild,earthy fragrance
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing date
  • Packaging Options: Bulk 55 lb bags
  • Storages: Store in cool, dry conditions.Avoid moisture
Product of BioZ Technologies LLC

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