Biozym: BioClean

Excellent probiotic to prevent algae bloom. Reduce nitrogenous toxic materials like NH3, NO2, NO3 etc. Eliminate off- flavor.


BioClean is a formulation of beneficial pond bacteria, which has been formulated for use in agriculture ponds, recreation ponds, lakes, canals, koi ponds, water garden ponds, aquariums and similar aquatic systems using fast growing natural and beneficial organisms.

BioClean is produced using a dissolvable “no-mess” powder carrier. This no-mess formulation is ideal for use in aquaculture ponds because it dissolves without leaving behind bran particles or other ingredients, which can be eaten by fish, or cause murky water or clogged filters! The beneficial microbes in this formulation have been selected for their ability to biodegrade complex organic matter; reduce ammonia, urea, nitrite, and other toxic contaminants from pond water.

Each gram of this product contains billions of microbes, of several different strains. These strains are able to perform many essential functions to clean up problems in water systems, caused by waste built up. The ability to balance the natural ecosystem of pond and other systems, require the biological product to keep the C:N:P level as low as possible thereby discouraging algae bloom and sediment control.

  • Promotes faster degradation of organic matters such as protein, lipid, carbohydrate, cellulose, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hydrogen sulfite & Phosphate.
  • Removes organic bottom sludge, controls odor, and prevents water pollution
  • Decreases nutrient levels, improves dissolved oxygen and the balance of algae growth
  • Utilizes organic matter (BOD) as nutrients by growing exponentially in pond water.
  • Performs at low and high salinity, temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Appearance: Tanish, white colored free flowing powder
  • Odor: Typical fermentation odor, pleasant
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing date
  • Packaging options: Bulk powder in 40lbs Pails or 1lb Foil Packets
Product of BioZ Technologies LLC

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