Biozym: NutraPro

Probiotic and prebiotic blend for gastric health, Immune-stimulation, biosecurity and feed efficiency.


NutraPro is specifically formulated with probiotic microbes to promote the immunostimulatory effect in shrimp and fish starting from the larval stages. Improvements in physiological and immunological activities are known to combat environmental and microbial stressors and block pathogens and avoid disease outbreak.

Combination of stress reducing (eliminate TOM) and probiotic microbes bring together two most promising preventive methods to fight diseases: principle of competitive exclusion and immunostimulation. Beneficial microbes can colonize the hepatopancrease (HP) effectively to displace pathogens through competitive expulsion and prevent the occurrence of major disease outbreaks.

Immunostimulation is a strategy to alert the defense system of shrimp thereby enhancing the resistance against pathogens. Several natural compounds: beta-glucans, lipopolysaccharides, peptidoglycants, etc. have been reported to stimulate the cellular functions and promote strong immune responses against pathogens.

NutraPro offers:
  • Natural and beneficial probiotic micro flora to colonize the HP of shrimp and displace pathogens
  • Prevent disease outbreaks
  • Establish bacterial antagonisms by releasing natural antimicrobial agents
  • Enhance growth, eliminate stressors, and increase biological activities
  • Maintain healthy integrity of hepatopancrease of shrimp
  • Increase survival rate in hatchery and grow-out ponds
  • Replace antibiotics and chemicals
  • Work in feed and water
  • Safe, easy to use, and flexible to handle
  • Appearance: Tanish, white colored free flowing powder
  • Odor: Typical fermentation odor, pleasant
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing date
  • Packaging Options: Bulk powder in 40lbs Pails or 1lb Foil Packets
  • Protect Your Stock With NutraPro!
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